I don’t get it

11 May

This weekend – specifically Saturday night and Sunday – my ex and I got into it.  He had asked that if I have time, to stop by the house on Saturday night to let the dogs out.  I said I’d try.

However, I had a curfew.  My momma asked that I be home by 0100 because she wanted everything to be calm for my dad AND it was mother’s day weekend.  So I agreed.

I went over to my friends house and hung out – had a blast and lost track of time.  So I was headed back to my mom’s house at 1250 and I texted my ex and said that I wasn’t going to be able to let the dogs out.  I wanted to give him a heads up. 

Apparently that was my fatal error.

Because on Sunday we got into it…

  • I intentionally screwed him over
  • I am selfish
  • I am heartless
  • MY actions caused him to get into trouble
  • He will not ‘go out of his way to help me (about getting our cell phone account split) because of how selfish I am.

Nevermind that I took the dogs all day without complaint.  I love the dogs but this is what growing up is all about.  Sometimes things don’t go your way and you have to be an adult about it.  Apparently when he got my text that I wouldn’t be able to stop at the house, he took it upon himself to go and then got in trouble with his Sargent.  And that was my fault too. 

But then today I got an email from him saying that the cell phone split had been taken care of. 

I don’t get it.  If it’s going to be a requirement that he gets to verbally abuse me for a while before he’ll do what I’ve asked him to do in order to make this divorce thing happen, then it’s going to be a long six months. 

I guess I will have to chalk his behavior up to immaturity.  He’s never had to live by himself, to be ok being by himself.  His parents have damn near catered to his every need just because he was the ‘normal’ child.  His two older brothers  – twins – are both gay and have some serious mental problems.  So Brian, being straight and not into illegal drugs, was considered the best. 

He’s also realizing how much I did for him that I’m not doing any more.  I used to bend my entire life around when he was working and when he’d be sleeping in order to make his life better.  And now that I’m not, reality has set in and it’s not pretty for him. 

He alternates between treating me with hate to wanting to be friends to wanting to still sleep together.  I don’t understand how he thinks that if he verbally abuses me that I’ll want to jump into bed together.  I don’t barter sex and I certainly don’t get off on being berated. 

I don’t get it.


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