Electric Bill

12 May

This has been a long stanidng argument between the ex and I – the goddamn electric bill.  He always had to keep the house far colder than I prefered but I paid the electric bill and he paid the other bills (water, sewer and garbage)…but now I’m not living at the house and I don’t want to pay a bill that I have no control over.  I gotta get the PSA signed ASAP so that I can legally show him that I’m not responsible for the bill any more.  Especially when there will be another person living there (the ex has a roommate potentially moving in) so he needs to come to terms that the bills (ALL THE BILLS) relating to the house will be his.  I’ll continue to pay on the mortgage until he can refinance…and I want a deadline established for the refinance. 

His biggest gripe will be about money – but that’s nothing new…


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