I refuse to accept

21 May

Last night my ex and I got into it.  It was ugly.  Really ugly.  He called me a whore, a cheater, an infidel (as in infidelity, not the whole religious connotations thing…) and I finally stood up to him.

I refuse to accept:

  • That the failure of the marriage was completely my fault
  • That my ex is not responsible for the marriage failing
  • That having a ‘failed marriage’ is the same as being a failure
  • That I am a horrible person
  • That I am all those things he called me
  • That I have no value

And I need to remember this.  Because I  know – without a doubt – that this is going to get ugly.  But I took the advantage and I left the house.  I got the lawyer.  And I will get through this.


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