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A Four Day Headache?!

29 Jun

I had a headache for four days.  Thursday through Sunday.  Are you f’ing kidding me?

It was a really really bad headache.  The worst I’ve had and the longest I’ve ever had one without reprieve.  It started on Thursday while I was at work (which I just chalked up to it being stressed by work and my coworkers), continued through class Thursday night (which I chalked up to just continued stress) – though I should have known that something was up because I damn near was crying because Michael (my brother) and Victoria (my sister) left the kitchen a mess, there was laundry to do, the house was dirty…and apparently that was too much for me to handle.

Continued Friday (which again, I thought was not eating / drinking water and stress from work) through Friday night (again, I should have realized just how bad it was when eating dinner with some awesome people and their 4 boys damn near put me into a panic attack) through to Saturday. 

Saturday I went to my ex’s house to hang out with the dogs and my head was pounding.  I didn’t want to eat anything – nothing sounded good – and didn’t drink anything but about 8oz of water and 6oz of apple juice.  Not good.  Not good at all.  Oh wait – I did have a Coke Zero and a Lipton Ice Tea, as I was thinking that maybe having caffeine would open up the blood vessels in my head and perhaps abate the migraine. 

 Yeah, hope DOES spring eternal. 


Fast forward to about 10pm Saturday night.  And that’s when the shit hit the fan (proverbially, of course).  I hadn’t eaten until about 9pm…finally sat down, had mashed potatoes, veggies and bread…with a beer…and I don’t know what, exactly was the straw that broke the camels back but something did.  And then *bam* I was down for the count.  I couldn’t really talk, really couldn’t keep my eyes open – everything hurt.  I hurt so badly that I wanted to cry.  But I didn’t want to cry because that would hurt as well.  I was absolutely miserable. 

I was laying in bed and as soon as the computer screen went to sleep it felt like an anvil had been removed from my head.  I’d already had my hand / arm over my eyes and still…as soon as that little bit of light from the monitor clicked off — wow, what a relief.  I was pitiful. 

The next morning wasn’t any better.  I took some Excedrin and drank some water but still my head was pounding.  It felt like my right eye was going to pop straight of my head because there was just so much pressure built up behind it.  All I wanted was bread…and coffee.  I probably could have used multiple IV’s just to get my hydration levels  back up to ‘normal people’s levels’ but I just didn’t want one. 

I ended up laying on the couch for the rest of the day, hanging out with Jersey and Stanley.  Finally about 4pm or so this damn headache started to abate.  This has got to be the longest headache I’ve ever had without a definitive cause. 

I’ve had migraines when I switch or come off birth control, when I get massively dehydrated (say after a half or full marathon)…but never quite like this. 

If I get another migraine, I know I’ll be hunting for Vicodin or something equally potent AND looking for an IV.  I don’t know that I could handle that kind of pain again…though as I’m sitting here now, I can feel the stabbing knife-like pain building again….


Last night on the ambulance…

25 Jun

WAS AWESOME!! I had a blast, running with my favorite partner of all time. 

We were only on for 4 hours and only had 2 calls.  The first call was for a woman with right face and right upper arm pain.  She had trouble speaking but I think it was from the toothache that she said she had for a couple of days…though the woman mumbled something about an ear ache… I think that the fact that the woman was packing up her house to move didn’t help anything.  So we took her to the local hospital.  And deposited her in Triage. 

The second call was hilarious!  We went for an overdose…pills with booze as chasers.  We get there and find a 58yo Female who is upstairs ‘putting on clothes’ ( I love drunks who do stairs…figure if you are drunk OR massively obese, live on the first floor) so she starts coming down stairs, I head over to her to get a grip on her and perhaps expedite leaving the place.  The patient starts babbling about needing her shoes, so I grab a pair of flip flops and aim her feet to step into the shoes.  She says that these aren’t the shoes she wanted so I tell her that she’s wearing a black shirt, these are black shoes, her outfit is ‘cute’.  That mollifies her for a hot minute.  We get her, her purse and her keys out the door.  She keeps repeating that she’s “fucking drunk”.  I finally get fed up and tell her that she sure is.  I think it’s around this time that she decided that she really liked me and she just babbled as we walked down the steps, got her onto the stretcher and loaded into the back of the ambulance.

Since I’ve got a pretty good rapport going with her, I take her vitals and start talking to her to find out what she took, how much and does she want to kill herself.  She is absolutely hammered and keeps apologizing and stating that she’s drunk. 

My partner decides that he’s going to put a lock on her, so he’s going to ride this call in.  I distract the patient so he can get access without her ‘helping’ him by moving her arm or ‘dropping her arm’ or whatever else that she decided was a good idea.  He gets the lock in w/o the patient flipping out….or even seeming to notice.  So I leave the back of the ambulance, get into the drivers seat and start transport to the hospital that the patient usually goes to.  Which is about 10 minutes away. 

As I’m driving I’m keeping one eye on the rear-view mirror so that I can kind of see what’s going on.  I see my partner get flustered…and then he starts mouthing something to me.  I can’t figure it out and he’s getting more and more frustrated.  Eventually he makes his way up to the front so he can speak to me…apparently the patient made herself VERY friendly with him.  Decided to let her hands rove all over him, focusing in on some very specific regions and really taking her time to feel everything she could. 

I damn near cried, laughing out loud.  Which didn’t help things.  He recognized that it was funny but was still annoyed/pissed with the drunk lady who apparently found him to be absolutely irresistible. 

Since I’m usually the one who is getting propisitioned by patients, I was all f or turn-about being fair play 😀  Poor partner 😉 

Apparently she didn’t satisfy her desire for him, so when he sat back down, she went right back to feeling him up.  He’s trying to tell me what’s going on by mouthing things to me and I can’t read his lips through the rear-view mirror…so needless to say, he was less than amused (but still saw the humor in it) and we chatted about it when we got to the hospital and got the patient to her room.

But you gotta love  it when the RN who comes into the room goes ‘Mrs. Patient, you’re back again I see’.  Apparently the staff at this particular hospital is well versed with her…and the cops who were on scene with us at the woman’s house had a pretty thorough record of the  number of times she’s done the whole ‘drunk and overdose’ thing…


Communication is key

Communication is key

An Update on My Life

23 Jun

Yesterday was a busy and productive day for me…

1) I gave the signed Property Settlement Agreement to the lawyer so that they can file it.  Gotta get them to schedule a court date to make this official. 

2) Gave the security deposit to the Realtor for the house (the hyperlink is in one of the posts below). 

So it’s two big steps forward.  But honestly, when I gave the PSA to the lawyer, it really had this profound physical effect on me.  I felt partly lighter, partly ready to panic and partly ready to cry.  Now we all know that my marriage was over.  Really over.  And that this is the best way forward.  But….there is this air of finality to it.  I don’t know what I was expecting…but I was caught off guard by my reaction.  I really don’t know how to explain it but the closest feeling that I have is when I graduated from college – but before graduation.  The final exam is taken, the grades are in the professors hands and you have nothing to do.  Everything that you’re used to – the studying, the cramming, the schedule life of  ‘oh crap, I have to get to class’ – all of that isn’t there.  But you’re not quite done.  There’s just one more ceremony to do in order ot make it official. 

The only difference is where graduation was around 2-3 days from when your finals ended, my divorce won’t be final for another four months.  Hmmm…..


About the house – I am so excited.  Really am.  Have been planning and thinking how I am going to decorate, what’s going to go where, finding out whether I am allowed to paint, what kind of curtains – yeah, that stuff I am really really excited about.  I just can’t wait to get that going.  Looks like if all goes right, I’ll be moving around the 6th or 7th of August (which continues my streak of only moving during the hottest part of the year…).  I can’t wait to post pictures 🙂

The Press Release

23 Jun

The below is the press release from my Saturday night call…feel worse knowing his name, but feel better that based on speed and alcohol and what the guy struck, there was nothing that I could have done to change the outcome. 




Virginia Beach Police Department

Municipal Center

Virginia Beach, VA 23456


6/22/09                                                                                              2009-102




On Saturday, June 20, 2009, at approximately 11:41 p.m., Virginia Beach Emergency Communications received a call for a report of a crash involving a motorcycle in the 5700 block of Shore Drive, near the intersection of Diamond Springs Road.


Upon arrival, Emergency Services personnel located the body of a man who suffered from severe trauma.  He was pronounced dead on scene.


Preliminary investigation into this crash revealed that the victim was operating a 2008 Harley Davidson motorcycle southbound on Shore Drive. He went through the red light at Diamond Springs Rd., lost control, and struck a concrete median.


The victim has been identified as Jason Gregory Potts, 38, of the 100 block of Herndon Road, Virginia Beach.   Alcohol is being investigated as a contributing factor.


This crash remains under investigation by the Department’s Fatal Accident Crash Team with Officer Bradley K. Wesseler as the lead investigator.










MPO Adam L. Bernstein

Public Information Officer/ Spokesman


757-385-5622 (fax)


I filed a complaint with Wendy’s

22 Jun

So this weekend was NUTS.  Absolutely nuts.

I worked on the ambulance on Friday night and it was Assault night.  Seemed like everybody in the City got their ass beat…and then would have my crew and I clean them up and then they’d say that they didn’t want to go to the hospital.   So paperwork for me!!

Saturday night I only had one call and that was a fatality….my first ‘i worked him and then it was called’ fatality.  Usually I show up and people spring back to life OR the patient is declared deceased before we get there.  But at least I was able to do chest compressions.  I’d wanted to go ahead and do them so that I could get that whole ‘nervousness’ about doing them out of the way.  So I did ’em but the amount of trauma that this guy suffered…damn.  I feel bad for his family but am really relieved that he only took himself out doing dumb stuff.  He apparently was intoxicated and doing wheelies while on his motorcycle.  Something happened and bystanders said that he was cartwheeling down the road.  He suffered major trauma….but the part that I’m really impressed with is that people stopped and were doing chest compressions and were using a pocket mask to try and get air in.  It wasn’t successful but I am really amazed that there are people out there that actually will stop to help. 

So I’d gotten about 3hrs of sleep on Saturday after working on Friday night, and then another 3hrs of sleep on Sunday after working Saturday night…and then I drove to Richmond, had brunch with my college roommate and then drove to my Dad’s for Father’s Day.  It was a LONG day and by the time I started my drive back home, I know my patience was shot. 

So my sister and I were tailing one another heading from my Dad’s to the house when we decided to stop in Williamsburg and get some food.  We went to Wendy’s and this is when things really took a turn for the worse.  First, it took 35 minutes for us to get our food, the manager tried to give us the wrong order twice, the girl taking orders had to pick up my reciept off the floor to give it to us, my sister’s order (a spicy chicken sandwich) was still wrong after we left (it was a regular chicken sandwich and the lettuce had brown spots on it), the fries weren’t the size we ordered…the bathroom stall wouldn’t lock – and when I called the manager to complain, she reprimanded me!  I said ‘are you the person I need to talk with about what the hell went wrong with my order’, to which she told me I didn’t need to call her and start cursing at her and that everybody has bad days but that doesn’t give me the right to call her and curse. 

So I called corporate headquarters of Wendy’s and complained.  Supposedly they’ll call me back…


Now ordinarilly I wouldn’t make a big deal about it but I was tired, hungry, had to pee (that’s why I know the bathroom door wouldn’t lock) and then I was reprimanded by the Wendy’s manager…yeah, that sent me right over the edge.  Stoopid.

An Update on Dad

19 Jun

So as I’ve posted before, Dad’s surgery went well.  But they’ve since found cancer in his lymphnodes.  Which means that they think the cancer has spread. 

So they’ve started him on hormone therapy designed to erradicate the testosterone as they think that the cancer is feeding on those hormones. 

But I don’t know when his next scan is to find out if the cancer has spread farther and to find out if the hormone therapy is working.  Trying to get answers out of my mom is akin to pulling teeth. 

So I’m heading up to DC (Ashburn, really) on Sunday to see my Dad for Father’s Day.  I’m really looking forward to seeing him so I can confirm for myself that he’s ok and perhaps I can find out from him what happens next.

Post Surgery

15 Jun

Dad’s out of surgery and pretty drugged up.  Mike (my brother) called and let me know that the doctor seemed pretty happy with the surgery even though it took longer than was expected.  Apparently Dad had some sort of blockage “in his butt” (direct quote from my mom…who’s obviously the most medical of people) that necessitated them doing something.  Yes – this is how my family discusses major life events like surgery.

But at least he’s out.  There will be more information once the reports come back from pathology and he gets another scan to see where the cancer is – if it’s spread or not.