I hate XM radio

2 Jun

It has taken me 6 days, multiple hang ups  (or “disconnections”) by XM to finally get a talking person (note, not necessarily a thinking person) to convey that I want to cancel the subscription. 

then she wanted to know if I had the unit in my possession or if it was in my ex’s possession.  I asked if that really mattered…to which she said yes.  I said that it wasn’t in my divorce decree, but yes (so I lied…) it was in my possession.  

And then they told me I could gift the unit to friends/family members and I would have the luxury of continuing to pay for it!  Yay me.  So after sparring with the non-english-as-a-primary-language customer service rep and just telling her that I wanted the payments to stop and the entire account closed….I think I finally convinced her.


But then she wanted to know what my favorite channels were. 


Are you friggin’ kidding me?!  I WANT AWAY FROM YOU PEOPLE! 

So I think I might have won….but I’ll find out in August when a payment is due…


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