Right now, in this moment

2 Jun

I think I hate people. Well maby not hate, but seriously could do without the majority right now. 

In the mix would be my ex  (who’s really earning that ‘king of tools’ crown I want to give him) and my coworker who’s incessant bitching is really grating on my last nerve.

The reason that she’s bitching is that a) she’s back at work after being gone for 2 weeks and b) the fridge, by her desk (which was put there at her request!!!) had a chocolate milk bottle freeze and explode.  Which prompted the milk to leak out and sour.  Eww, right?  Yeah, but rather than participate in the clean up, or perhaps find the damn lysol and try and mask the icky, icky smell, she bitched and bitched and then wondered who was going to take the damn trash to the mother-fucking dumpster so she could go enjoy her lunch break.

So after she left, I took the trash which smelled like day old vomit to the dumpster.  But now she’s back and continues to bitch about the odor and anything else that comes to mind. 

Either solve the problem or quit your bitching!!!


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