Fighting the migraine

9 Jun

I’m stressed. Overwhelmed. Exhausted.  Undercaffinated (despite the 20 ounce heavily sugared coffee).  And I can feel the migraine coming.  My patience is shot. I can feel the building pain/pressure behind my eyes.  And the smartass, cutting remark regarding anything and everything is just dying to come out. 

I want to lash out at my coworker and beg her to just be quiet – that she doesn’t have to process everything verbally and just the tone/volume/diction drives me over the edge of annoyance.

I’m frustrated because I can’t remember anything for my first test for my EMT-E class on Thursday.  I failed the three practice quizes and can get to the 66.66% point in remembering most of the information…just can’t finish it off. 

So in my head all I can think about is everything that I’ve got to do:

  1. Make it through the day w/o killing my babbling coworker
  2. Get to Doggie Day Camp and get dogs
  3. Get dogs and dog food to my ex’s house, drop them AND food off.
  4. Feed the dogs, water them – try not to get into it with my ex
  5. Get to class before 1800 start
  6. Stay awake through class
  7. Leave class, get home and find out what stuff my Mom has waiting for me to do
  8. Get to bed
  9. Try to sleep
  10. Lather, rinse and repeat

I need a nap but don’t know where I’m going to find the time.  Actually, I don’t think I have time.  Something has to give and I just cannot find the place where I can get a couple minutes back.


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