11 Jun

Couple things on my mind today….

1) My first exam for my EMT-E class is tonight.  I don’t know if I’ve studied well enough…mainly because I don’t know exactly how this test is going to go.  It’s 60 questions on SCANTRON so Multiple Guess.  When I was in college, my last set of exams were majority essay based and I can write/BS my way through most topics.   But when the exam is multiple gues…well, they want facts and stuff. 

2) My dad’s surgery is Monday.  My Mom is leaving on Saturday morning to head up to my Dad’s…and it’s all so…real.  Not that I didn’t accept the reality of it when I first found out a couple of months ago but now it’s really really real.  And I’m nervous.  I can’t imagine what I would do without him in my life. 

3) I haven’t heard from my ex in  a week so I wonder what’s up.  I feel like something is cooking and I want to know what’s going on…and I want a signed PSA or to know what’s going to be holding it up. 


So my emotions are all over the place….


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