I filed a complaint with Wendy’s

22 Jun

So this weekend was NUTS.  Absolutely nuts.

I worked on the ambulance on Friday night and it was Assault night.  Seemed like everybody in the City got their ass beat…and then would have my crew and I clean them up and then they’d say that they didn’t want to go to the hospital.   So paperwork for me!!

Saturday night I only had one call and that was a fatality….my first ‘i worked him and then it was called’ fatality.  Usually I show up and people spring back to life OR the patient is declared deceased before we get there.  But at least I was able to do chest compressions.  I’d wanted to go ahead and do them so that I could get that whole ‘nervousness’ about doing them out of the way.  So I did ’em but the amount of trauma that this guy suffered…damn.  I feel bad for his family but am really relieved that he only took himself out doing dumb stuff.  He apparently was intoxicated and doing wheelies while on his motorcycle.  Something happened and bystanders said that he was cartwheeling down the road.  He suffered major trauma….but the part that I’m really impressed with is that people stopped and were doing chest compressions and were using a pocket mask to try and get air in.  It wasn’t successful but I am really amazed that there are people out there that actually will stop to help. 

So I’d gotten about 3hrs of sleep on Saturday after working on Friday night, and then another 3hrs of sleep on Sunday after working Saturday night…and then I drove to Richmond, had brunch with my college roommate and then drove to my Dad’s for Father’s Day.  It was a LONG day and by the time I started my drive back home, I know my patience was shot. 

So my sister and I were tailing one another heading from my Dad’s to the house when we decided to stop in Williamsburg and get some food.  We went to Wendy’s and this is when things really took a turn for the worse.  First, it took 35 minutes for us to get our food, the manager tried to give us the wrong order twice, the girl taking orders had to pick up my reciept off the floor to give it to us, my sister’s order (a spicy chicken sandwich) was still wrong after we left (it was a regular chicken sandwich and the lettuce had brown spots on it), the fries weren’t the size we ordered…the bathroom stall wouldn’t lock – and when I called the manager to complain, she reprimanded me!  I said ‘are you the person I need to talk with about what the hell went wrong with my order’, to which she told me I didn’t need to call her and start cursing at her and that everybody has bad days but that doesn’t give me the right to call her and curse. 

So I called corporate headquarters of Wendy’s and complained.  Supposedly they’ll call me back…


Now ordinarilly I wouldn’t make a big deal about it but I was tired, hungry, had to pee (that’s why I know the bathroom door wouldn’t lock) and then I was reprimanded by the Wendy’s manager…yeah, that sent me right over the edge.  Stoopid.


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