29 Days

9 Jul

That’s how long it’ll be until I move.  Seriously – I am so excited.  Excited about moving, getting my puppies back, setting up my house – basically, starting to live life again. 

It seems like it has been far too long that I have been letting outside forces dictate my life – my husband when I was married, my mother and family constraints since I’ve been living there. 

I’m more than ready to be on my own and setting my plan and what I want to do.  Most importantly, to decorate the house the way I want it to be and to get up on the weekends when I want to (not because someones coming home at 0300 or at 0700 or whenever and heaven forbid that the bed be WARM like from someone sleeping there….but anyways, I digress. 

I’m just really really looking forward to being in my house and having my life settle down. 

I go today to pay my first month’s rent and my pet deposit.  I’m REALLY not looking forward to watching that amount of money leave my account but I know it’s truly for the best – after all, getting back on my own two feet is the goal of all of this, right?

Especially so that I can stop texts like I got last night from my ex:

” Can u go let the dogs out ASAP?  I have not been able to get home, they been in crate since 8am. Thx”. 

Which I got at 7:15pm.  It was sent at 5:45pm.  I had left my cell upstairs in my room and had gone downstairs to help my mom with dinner and to eat said dinner with her.  So I missed the text.  It would have been far more helpful if he’d sent it to me earlier in the day so I could have gone over there…but I won’t be jumping to his beck and call in 29 more days…

So ready for this.


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