I’m officially stress…and other non-breaking news

16 Jul

My move date changed – it moved from 07 August to 01 August.  I’m really thrilled about it – promise – but the changes mean that I’m stressing now.

How am I going to pay my rent AND 1/2 of the mortgage at my ex’s house for a month?

How am I going to pay the electric at my house AND at my ex’s house for a month?  Especially when the electric bill at my ex’s was $230 for last month?

Do I have all the right utilities turned on? Trying to get a straight answer from my realtor (do I need gas turned on?  or heating oil only?) is like pulling teeth.

When will I get the keys to my house? 

I need to have a discussion with my ex regarding the washer and dryer and the fact that I’m taking them…they were a gift to the both of us from my parents the year we got married. But I want/need them at my new house.  Particularly with Stanley who pee’s his blanket when he get’s angry or mad that he’s in his crate.  And I know it’s going to piss him off. 

Oh, and I need to tell him when the movers are coming because the bed that he’s sleeping in – that’s mine.  As is the dresser and the nightstand that is in the master bedroom.  And in his roommate’s bedroom, the two mini-book cases are mine as well. 

So I have to do that.  And Jersey (my little girl) has to go to the Vet today because it looks like she’s got ear infections in both of her ears.  After going round-and-round with the girl who orginially answered the phone when I found out about the ear infections was decidedly less than helpful.  So when I called back (because I have to handle all the stuff relating to the dogs as per the seperation agreement) I got a very different answer and one that made sense.  So I had to call my ex, tell him what he needed to do and then affirm that yes, I AM paying for all of this.  All I can think about is 15 days and this is all over with.

Now naturally, I am on the ambulance the night of the 31st and I move on the 1st.  So I know that I have to see if I can’t ask the movers to come around 11-12 so that I can get a little bit of sleep.

And my sister is mad at me because I’m moving on the same day she is.  This means that I’m taking attention or something away from her and she’s helped me move numerous times and no, I’m not kidding. 

Tonight is my Med Math, intubation and IV/IO / EJV test.  (Intervenous, interossiary, external juggular vein) I have to pass them to move on with my education.  And I’m really nervous about Med Math.  Mainly because you HAVE TO GET A 100%.  No errors, no nothing.  And I know why they do that – I mean, you really wouldn’t want someone to be giving you an incorrect dose of a drug but it’s got me panicked.

So in short – I’m stressed – about money, about my test, about paying for stuff.  Divorce sucks…but the thing keeping me going forward is knowing just how much more life would have sucked had I stayed married.


One Response to “I’m officially stress…and other non-breaking news”

  1. Cat July 17, 2009 at 11:12 am #

    Hey hon, just give me a call if you need help moving. It’s not a problem, honest 🙂

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