A Tale of Two Washers

30 Jul
I bought two washing machines last night.   This is the washer:

The Washer

I went into Sears, talked with the sales associate and bought the washer.  They even said they’d do free delivery. 

Except that’s a lie.  You pay $75 for delivery and then they give you rebate in the form of a gift card worth $75 back to Sears.  So no matter what, you pay $75 for delivery.  And the soonest they could deliver was Saturday, August 8th.

Remember this.

I had to go to Best Buy anyways last night to get a router and a modem so I can have cable internet at my new house.  While I was there, I decided to check out the prices on washers.  Found the exact same washer, for less money AND only a $30 delivery charge.  And they could deliver on Sunday, August 2nd. 

So I returned one washer, bought the second arranged for delivery.  Life is good.


Until my bank froze my account becuase they suspected fraud.  Which is understandable, I mean, who in their right mind buys two washers minutes apart?  Me, that’s who.  So now I have to call my bank and explain the situation and ask them to unfreeze the account but send me a new card since the swipe part of the card is crap.


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