At a loss

7 Aug

It’s Friday.  A day that I usually work all day and then get on the ambulance and ‘run’ all night.  And by ‘run’, it means I pray for calls till midnight and then pray for no calls from midnight to 6am.  And invariably I’m woken up at 0300 for ‘back pain’ or ‘abdominal pain’ or ‘illness’ or my personal favorite ‘misc call for rescue’.  Never or hardly ever for anything cool…like trauma….

So I’m sitting here, it’s about 1230 and I realized I have no plans tonight, no firm/fixed plans for tomorrow or Sunday.  It’s absolutely incredibly liberating.  My dogs are at the vet for their teeth cleaning (shut up, don’t judge, it’s covered under their HMO…shut up again…we talked about the no judging thing….) so I can go and get my nails done.  I’ve broken 2 this past week and just feel so icky.  Tomorrow  I want to go and get my hair cut and I want something that’s a change.  Figure with my whole new life thing in this post-divorce world…I want something.  The problem is that it has to be long enough so I can pull it back in a ponytail for rescue or for running with my pups. 


I hope to have before / after pictures of my house and post them this weekend…so stay tuned….


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