I fell off the damn deck, OR ‘how I sprained my ankle’

18 Aug

So…I’m usually on top of things and while I do dumb shit on occassion, what I did last night set the bar for ‘doing dumb shit with no reason’. 

I went for a run yesterday afternoon with my dogs.  Did 2.75 miles in 24 minutes in 92 degree heat.  Not too shabby, huh?  After Jersey, Stanley and I get back to the house, we all go out on the back deck and into the back yard.  I’m on the phone at this point just chatting and not paying all that close attention to where I am or what I’m doing…when I fell off of the deck.  Well, the concrete thing at the bottom of the steps of the deck.  I dropped the phone and kind of caught myself.  But not before I twisted my ankle pretty good and I scraped my knee and my shin. 

The poor person I was talking to was all like ‘Hello?  What’s going on?  Are you ok??’ because the steady stream of explatives that came gushing out of my mouth was probably a little disconcerting.  After assuring them that I’m fine except that my ankle feels like I wrenched it pretty good and the scrapes have stoppped bleeding all was well with the world.

Then Jersey smacked me in the face with her head. 


And then this morning, I capped off my dumbness and shaved my legs.  Scrapes included. 



One Response to “I fell off the damn deck, OR ‘how I sprained my ankle’”

  1. Epijunky August 18, 2009 at 3:07 pm #

    Oh my Jesus, woman. You and I might be sisters from another mother. Totally sounds like something I’d do…

    I hope it’s feeling better!

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