I’m in love with a man named Bill

21 Aug

Isn’t he gorgeous?!

Hurricane Bill

Hurricane Bill


I know, my ankle is effed up six ways to Sunday.  I know, I am on the ambulance ALL WEEKEND LONG.  All day Saturday and All day Sunday.  I know that there will be bariatric patients who will fall over and not be able to get up and need my partner and I to come get them and pick them up.  I know I’ll be getting into and out of the ambulance hundreds of times. 

HOWEVER! Good surf only comes to Virginia Beach when hurricanes / tropical storms / nor’easters (in the winter) hit or come up the coastline.

 This storm is doing EXACTLY what I prayed for it to do – get big, get nasty and don’t come ashore.  No loss of life or property. 

So, this afternoon, as soon as I can get out of work, I’m heading out to go surf / bodyboard with my sister. 

And I might do the same after EMS on Saturday…and Sunday. 


Besides, my mother always said ‘salt water cures what ails you’…


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