Geeking Out

25 Aug

I’m an EMT-B.  I’m in school to get my Paramedic.  And I’ll get it….eventually.

Right now, I work on my EMT-B skills, I try and do my best to give my patient the best care that I know how and teach my trainees how to be competent AND confident in their patient care.

But I still ‘geek out’ when I get a compliment from the paramedics in my city – even if they aren’t verbalized as compliments.

The first one happened two Saturday’s ago – on the 15th.  We went for a guy in SVT – with some other cardiac terms relating to his p-waves and QRS complex and other stuff.  Enough that the paramedics pushed Adenosine.  Anyways – the reason I’m saying this is that the Paramedic looked at me and looked at my partner, told my partner to drive and that he’d prefer that I stay in the back with him. 

The second time was just on Sunday.  We went for a guy in A-Fib and the paramedic asked who was going to drive the zone car (our version of a paramedic sprint car) – I volunteered to.  The paramedic told me that she’d be more comfortable and prefer that I stay in the back with her, my partner drive the ambulance and the trainee take the zone car.  While I felt bad for the trainee (though there wasn’t much for us to do in the 3-5 minute transport), I was still jazzed that my reputation is such that the higher level providers in the area want me to stay with them.

Hell, I was even stoked that the paramedic took time (once we were at the hospital) to explain to me the EKG rhythm – not that I know what I’m looking at – I don’t start classes to interpret them until October…but I asked if she’d show me what she saw when she interpreted A-Fib.  I wasn’t trying to act like I was questioning her call, but rather, ‘hey, I’m learning, can you show me?’ and she let me keep the strip so that I could have it for my classes. 

I know – sounds like I’m grasping for compliments or making a big deal out of nothing, but I work really hard to be a good BLS provider and since we (the EMS providers) are usually busting hump to go from one call to another, that the senior field providers recognize who I am (by name…) and that I have good skills…well, that’s so cool in my book.

The other thing I was geeking out out about was being able to teach my trainee something (how to take a BP off of the leg) while managing patient care, not tripping out (got diverted from the hospital-around-the-corner to a trauma hospital for a patient potentially having a stroke with no ALS available) and running the call well.  My trainee thought I was so cool for keeping my composure and teaching her a new skill that she may have never learned.  I also taught her the importance of taking pedial pulses because that will give you a ‘BP is at LEAST this because they have pedial pulses’ that will help the hospital.  While the hospital would prefer you to have a full systolic / diastolic set of numbers – good numbers (those that are taken accurately, even if somewhat incomplete) are better than NO numbers.


One Response to “Geeking Out”

  1. Epijunky August 25, 2009 at 10:08 pm #

    Hey girl, that’s something to be proud of!

    You and I are so alike in so many ways… We both love to learn. And that’s a good thing 🙂

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