24 Sep

Screwed the pooch doesn’t even begin to describe this clusterfuck of an operation.

I electronically tried to transfer the prescription last night.

Went to the stupidass walgreens this morning. They didn’t know anything about it.

Called the Walgreens.com 24hr help desk. They told me I was fucked and to call the store.

Waited on hold for 15 minutes to place my prescription.

They asked when I would like to pick up the stupid ass prescription.
This implies that they would have it ready by a time.

I said noon. They said ok.

I go to pick up said prescription at noon. They need 20 more minutes.
I don’t have 20 more minutes. This is my lunch half hour. I’ve already used up my lunch half hour to drive there and back.

So I still don’t have my stupid ass prescription. And I still hate Walgreens.


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