Yes I’m alive

14 Oct

I know I haven’t posted much lately.  And i’m sorry!

Here’s what’s been going on:

~ Was sent to a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course.  For a week.  Good class if I did anything related to production or factory work.  It was taught for the guys who work at the local shipyard so the stuff  that was discussed – streamlining factories, etc. made sense to them.  I was a fish out of water (and without a computer connection!) for a whole week.

~ I didn’t run the Army 10-Miler.  Basically, I was talking with my best friend and I fell asleep mid-conversation.  She reminded me that it had been some time since I slept well and perhaps I should just enjoy the vacation and not worry about the run.  So I did…and I miss my friends.  I really really miss my friends.

~ I’m still trying to get all of my requirements taken care of for my clincial time.  It doesn’t look like I can ever make my local  Community college happy.  But thanks to them, I’ve had a PPD (took 5 office visits with my doctor at $20/visit) to get that done, had a tetanus shot because I couldn’t prove I had the shot back in 2005 when I was in a car that t-bone’d a tractor trailer in BFE Pennsylvania.  And I’ve started my Hep B vaccinations.  So I’ve been a human pin cushion

~ I got the petition for divorce from my lawyer and I have to call them back and tell them that it’s wrong.  They have me as a member of the US Armed Forces which is inaccurate.  I work for the US Navy but I’m a civillian.  Not a sailor. 

~ I have come to the realizaiton that I cannot date right now.  I have too much anger relating to my ex and issues from my past to be dating.  So I have to break up with the guy I’m seeing.  He’s a nice guy but I have too much anger to be fair to him.


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