Today on the Ambulance

17 Oct

I declared my first patient deceased.

The woman had been deceased for a couple of days.  And she passed away alone and hadn’t been discovered for two days.

I felt so horrible for her.  Not only did she die all alone but it had been 2 days since anyone saw her or heard from her.

2 days.

I know it’s not ‘the worst’ or ‘the longest’ that anyone has been dead before being discovered but I still felt horrible.

And then I started to worry that maybe she wasn’t dead.  Maybe she was really alive and when she gets to the morgue the medical examiner or the mortician or whomever is really going to discover that she was really alive and that I was the one that declared her dead when she wasn’t dead.

But I followed my protocols, felt for a radial and carotid pulses, noted the lividity line, the lack of respiration, and the coldness of her skin and I know that she was dead.

Her house was decorated for Halloween.


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