Is it worth it?

20 Oct

I’m currently waiting for my doctor’s office to call me back.  They lost my physical forms that I hand-walked in over a month ago.  I need the forms – or anything at this point from my Doctor – saying that I’m physically fit to spend 24hrs in a hospital.  That’s it.

24 motherfucking hours.

I’m going to fail my class that I had to take to spend 24 hours in a hospital so that I can test for my state Enhanced certification in December.

So far this class cost me:

$400 for the inital class and the clincial course combined

$108 for the textbook that the teacher didn’t use until the final exam

$68 for the titers to prove that I have had chicken pox and measels / mumps / rubella

$20×3 for each doctors visit to get the phyiscal, the shots and the paperwork

$$ because I don’t know what the cost is going to be for the tetanus, hep b and PPD shots

So that’s a lot of money.  When money is so tight I’m making pennies cry.

And then I’ve got my clinical coordinators bitching at me that they can’t schedule me until I’ve got my phyiscal form in.

All of this – for a volunteer job.

Oh – and I have to pay for my State test.

So between the hours, the money and the bullshit – is it worth it?


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