I hate dating

30 Oct

Dating suck big fat monkey balls.  IT’S AWFUL! 

I met a guy (yay me!)…well, he’s my plumber and he came over to my house to fix my hot water heater.  I’d previously only been getting 9 minutes of hot water.  Now I have all sorts of hot water.  And IT IS GLORIOUS!  But anyways – why I hate dating. 

So the day that Will fixed the hot water heater he called and asked me out.  We went to a really cool indy-vibed place and had a blast.  Sweet! Score!  A normal, non-EMS guy that drinks beer!  And is sweet and kind and promised that he was one of the good guys. 

Date 1 went so well, there was Date 2.  Last night.  He cooked dinner (steaks and mashed taters…and since I’ve been mostly veggie since I moved out the steak was a little more than hard on my system but anyways – I digress) and we hung out with his brother and watched TV. 

And then we went upstairs to his room to watch a movie.  And I gave him a backrub.  And I didn’t even get a kiss.  I got a hug good night. 

Seriously?  A Hug?  Now, I like hugs as much as the next person but I was kind of thinking that I’d get something more….like french kissed or perhaps felt up (or that he’d act like he wants to feel me up or something…) but nope. 

So – interwebz – did I screw this one up?  Should I have taken the initiative and jumped him?  Or was my tried-and-true-method of ‘you take the first step and I’ll take the second’ ok? 

Advice please….


One Response to “I hate dating”

  1. Tass November 2, 2009 at 7:18 pm #

    He’s not gay? I only ask because that sounds an awful lot like a date I had once!


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