Awkward, thy name is EMS

2 Nov

So I was on the ambulance on Saturday night (Halloween) for 13hrs – which wasn’t a big deal.  Ended up with 4 (or 5) calls…

1) Stroke or back spasms – depends on who you listen to.  The patient said that his chief complaint was back spasms, his wife said that he was having a deep brain stroke.  Apparently she has an EEG in the house 😉  Either way, I rode the call in and had a great time talking to my patient.  He even gave me 2 hugs!

2) 4 car accident – more like a 4 car fender bender but whatever.  Took 4 patient refusals out of that one…

3) MVA due to ETOH in a really sketchy neighborhood.  19 yo female got housed on vodka (and probably something more) and then drove into a parked car.  She puked on my pants…eww.  I hate, abhor, loathe – all of the above vomit.  I can deal with just about anything else the body produces but vomit.  Seriously ick.  So we took her to the hospital and turned her over to the ER staff who were just as giddy as I was to be dealing with a highly intoxicated female with aggression issues 😉

4) Diabetic.  Apparently an insulin-dependent diabetic took her insulin but decided not to eat dinner.  So her sugar crashed to 14.  One amp of D-50 and she’s back in the real world but now she’s wheezing. She hit her own inhaler with no relief, so we gave her an albuterol / atrovent combination nebulizer.  So after giving her D-50 and the nebulizer the patient was ADAMANT that she was not going to the hospital.  So another patient refusal but this one to go with the now opened drug box.  Off to ER we go!

So the part that was awkward was last night (01 November) on the ambulance.  I staffed with a ‘friend’ of mine – I know this person and I know that they’ve been flirting with me for a while.  But anyways, we staffed up and went to a traffic accident immediately.  Got cleared by the fire guys.  Then we went to another traffic accident where we transported the patient to the large hospital in the area.  But the part where it was awkward happened in two different parts – the first where my patient told me I was gorgeous and he was single.  And he wanted my number – all while my partner was in the back of the ambulance with me.

A little while later it got a bit more awkward when we were at dinner.  The patient worked at an italian diner so we went there.  He called the establishment, told them that he was covering our dinner AND that he wanted my number.  So our server came out with a pen and paper and told me that my patient wanted my number.  In front of my partner. 

So I wrote a number down – but then my partner had the audacity to reach for the paper to see what number I was giving! AWKWARD!


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