Day 11

23 Nov

Today is Day 11 without heat or hot water in my house.  DAY 11.  AS IN OVER ONE WEEK AND A HALF.

And I’m cold.  It was 58 degrees in my house this morning and that’s with the one space heater I own going non-stop. 

My property manager is a moron.  She acts self-important and now it’s pissing me off. 



When I talk to her (that is, when she doesn’t realize it’s me calling) she acts like she’s doing me a favor by having people come out and look at / fix things.

One of the funniest things was when she was telling me that she didn’t understand why people talk to her the way they do…as they don’t know she’s a Captain’s Wife (navy O-6). To which I said, I’m a Captain’s Daughter but I don’t wear his rank like some.

She also told me that I was lucky that it wasn’t too cold yet. I invited her to come live at my house and I’ll go live at hers and then we can talk.  She wasn’t so keen on that idea.

She told me on Saturday during the day that there would be two space heaters on my doorstep Saturday night.  Guess what?  No space heaters.  And when I called her on Sunday – she wouldn’t pick up, return my phone call or send me a text message. 

I texted her and the head repair guy to find out if any work is being done at my house and neither one of them have responded back. That was an hour ago.

I’ve been more than patient.  I’ve waited 11 days taking cold showers and hanging out in a cold house but my patience has it’s limits and I’m there.


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