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I want a stress free day!

22 Dec

Think how much easier our days would be if we could lock our boss’ in their offices?? AND eliminate their access to internet, email and blackberry?!?

Sounds damn near idyllic to me.


Freaking Out

17 Dec

I test tomorrow for my next level of EMT certification.  Here in Virginia we have EMT-E.  It’s like EMT-B but with permissions to start IVs and give some meds – Epi, narcan, albuterol, atrovent, benedryl, D50, thiamine, ASAs and nitro (all dependent on regional protocols and OMD rules/regs/oversight – whatever the hell you want to call it).

I haven’t been in class since the end of July.  I’ve studied, created my flashcards, prattled off dosages to my dogs till they’re damn near prepared to take the exam themselves.

I just want to pass my exam.  And because tradition is a mother, I take this exam right after being dumped.

When I took my EMT-B exam, I took it 48hrs after finding out that my husband was cheating on me.  Now that I’m taking my EMT-E, it’s after having been dumped via text message. 

I hate to find out what will happen when I test for my paramedic. 

There is one sparkling silver lining – I got my performace eval for my job.  I scored a 4.67 out of 5 and am getting a pay raise!  It’s significant enough to make it so that I can breath a little easier next year.  Right now each month comes down to stretching the dollar until Gumby winces but the pay raise will make it easier.

21hrs till exam time.

36hrs of EMS

14 Dec

I have recently completed 36hrs of EMS since Thursday.  I did 6hrs of EMS Thursday night (1800-0000) , 6.75 hours on Friday night (1800-0045) and 24hrs of EMS Saturday (0600 Saturday-0600 Sunday).  I was doing a combination of ‘ride time’ so I can test this Friday (the 18th) and my regularly scheduled duties. 

I learned some cool stuff – i.e. how to hold the forearm of a severely dehydrated woman just tight enough so the vein stays still but not too tight that it dives down and hides from everyone.  I got that stick too.  My first field stick – aren’t you proud?  I am and was geeking out.  I hit the vein after the paramedic missed.  🙂

I learned that anagoizing a drunk is like arguing with an idiot.  The drunk doesn’t get it and you look like a fool.

If you only get 4hrs of sleep in 24hrs, the minute that you crawl into the bunk room to get a few hours of shut eye, you will be dispatched to call after call.  Whether or not you actually get to the calls is still a crapshoot, but you have to respond. 

So I got all of my hours done, my evaluation sheets turned in and my house cleaned.  And I got dumped by the guy I was seeing via text message so that about sums up my weekend.  Two steps forward and one step back.

Huge Props to Jenny Stanford

11 Dec

I love this quote:

“Certainly his actions hurt me, and they caused consequences for me, but they don’t in any way take away my own self-esteem. They reflect poorly on him.”

I think anyone who’s been cheated on – whether physically, emotionally or both can see the truism in the statement. 

The hardest thing is to accept it as a fact.

An Open Letter to the Women who use the bathroom at work

10 Dec

Hello Ladies –

We’re supposed to be the more refined of the sexes – the fairer, if you will.  Then let’s act like it, shall we.

I understand your concerns about germs and big-bad-bugs and sitting on the actual toilets but C’MON!  Even if you’re doing squats on legs that haven’t actually done more than walk from the car to the office and back, how the hell are you peeing on the seat?

And then – why are you not CLEANING UP AFTER YOURSELF!?! 

And furthermore my delicate little flowers, should you experience a massive bowel movement that is quite odorous, please use the air freshener less the woman in the stall next to you either evacuates her stomach contents or passes out due to the putridity of the odor. 

So, in summation, either stay seated for the entire performance OR clean up after the rain. 

With  love,



9 Dec

So….it’s been more than a minute since I last posted.  I got my heat and hot water back on 13 days after they died.  Which was good.  The better news is that they came back on at 4:30pm the day before Thanksgiving.  So I had an extra something to be thankful for.

But now to the meat of this post – my coworker (CW2)…or coirker, depending on your perspective.

Yesterday my other coworker  (CW1) and I went to our boss detailing our issues with CW2 and her lack of work productivity and the fact that her failing to complete work directly impacts our performance appraisals.  What made this more difficult is that she recently came back from maternity leave.  We waited and waited for her to step and start doing work.  The work that directly impacts my salary – the faster that we work the better our reviews and therfore more money.  But she didn’t step up and didn’t step up and was at her desk for like 5minutes a day.

And then she got called on the carpet for it.  And now she gives us the silent treatment.

Mature much?  Btw, today is day 6 of the silent treatment.