9 Dec

So….it’s been more than a minute since I last posted.  I got my heat and hot water back on 13 days after they died.  Which was good.  The better news is that they came back on at 4:30pm the day before Thanksgiving.  So I had an extra something to be thankful for.

But now to the meat of this post – my coworker (CW2)…or coirker, depending on your perspective.

Yesterday my other coworker  (CW1) and I went to our boss detailing our issues with CW2 and her lack of work productivity and the fact that her failing to complete work directly impacts our performance appraisals.  What made this more difficult is that she recently came back from maternity leave.  We waited and waited for her to step and start doing work.  The work that directly impacts my salary – the faster that we work the better our reviews and therfore more money.  But she didn’t step up and didn’t step up and was at her desk for like 5minutes a day.

And then she got called on the carpet for it.  And now she gives us the silent treatment.

Mature much?  Btw, today is day 6 of the silent treatment.


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