36hrs of EMS

14 Dec

I have recently completed 36hrs of EMS since Thursday.  I did 6hrs of EMS Thursday night (1800-0000) , 6.75 hours on Friday night (1800-0045) and 24hrs of EMS Saturday (0600 Saturday-0600 Sunday).  I was doing a combination of ‘ride time’ so I can test this Friday (the 18th) and my regularly scheduled duties. 

I learned some cool stuff – i.e. how to hold the forearm of a severely dehydrated woman just tight enough so the vein stays still but not too tight that it dives down and hides from everyone.  I got that stick too.  My first field stick – aren’t you proud?  I am and was geeking out.  I hit the vein after the paramedic missed.  🙂

I learned that anagoizing a drunk is like arguing with an idiot.  The drunk doesn’t get it and you look like a fool.

If you only get 4hrs of sleep in 24hrs, the minute that you crawl into the bunk room to get a few hours of shut eye, you will be dispatched to call after call.  Whether or not you actually get to the calls is still a crapshoot, but you have to respond. 

So I got all of my hours done, my evaluation sheets turned in and my house cleaned.  And I got dumped by the guy I was seeing via text message so that about sums up my weekend.  Two steps forward and one step back.


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