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Weimaraners + snow = pure joy

31 Jan

Jersey and Stanley loving the snow

My two Weims are loving – absolutely loving – the snow.  They hadn’t seen this much snow in either of their lives so it took a minute (and a shove out the door) for them to realize that snow = fun but once they got there I haven’t been able to drag them back in!

I’ll be updating this post periodically with more pictures of Jersey and Stanley spazzing in the snow.


BREAKING NEWS – it snows in Virginia Beach

30 Jan

So…it apparently DOES snow in Virginia Beach.  And go figure – I was on the ambulance.  Actually, come to think of it, is there any time that anything happens in Virginia Beach (Hurricane / Tropical Storm, Nor’Easter, mini-blizzard) that I’m not on the ambulance???  But anyways, I digress.

Here are the pictures from today’s shift on the ambulance.  The first picture is of the deck at my house at about 0450.  I’d guess that there was about 2 inches of snow on the ground.

The second picture I took of the cars at the station.  That was taken at about 8am.  With the exception of the Jeep, all of the cars were cleaned off when they arrived at the station.  So what I’m trying to get at is that they got that covered in a little over 2hrs.

The third picture is a self-portrait (no critiques about the lack of make-up please) taken at the fuel farm behind one of the stations.  It’s about 11am and if you were to be able to look down you’d realize that I lost my boots.  I was still wearing them but they had disappeared into the snow.

The final picture is taken at about 3pm when visibility really went to crap and we were so far out of our first due (or usual location) – we’re actually headed to the hospital in the next city over.  Fun times!

But I’m home, I have a fire in the fireplace and the dogs are playing nicely together.  All is right with the world 🙂

‘Scuse me Boss Man while I take a Nap

29 Jan

I am so completely and unbelievably tired.  My body hurts and yet I’m loving every minute of it. 

It’s a well-established fact that I’m a runner.  Running is my ‘thing’.  Long distance running if you want to get specific.  I’m not very good at 5Ks, 10Ks start to feel better and by the time we reach half-marathon, I’m in my groove.  So me  signing up for the Newport Marathon in October wasn’t a big surprise to anyone.  Figure it’s a beautiful fall marathon, Runner’s World rated it #4 in the Nation and my Mom’s side of the family is up that way so I know I’ll have a place to stay. 

So why am I so tired today?  I did one – count that one – workout at API, Virginia Beach and damn.  I hurt in places I didn’t know could hurt.  And it seems like the more I sit still and do my job, the worse I hurt when I get up to a walk around.    Getting out of bed this morning took a damn miracle. 

So I’m sitting here – midafternoon – and I swear I’m going to fall asleep.  I keep finding things to do that will occupy my mind and keep me awake…and I know that I’ll be here till 5pm no matter what. 

You think the boss-man will mind much if I just curl up under my desk and take a quick 30minute nap??? *yawn*

Aaaand I’m Back

28 Jan

Life has been crazy and hectic and nuts and all that wrapped into one. 

Basic updates:  Still an EMT-B.  Because TCC won’t give me my money back from the test I didn’t take in December, I refuse on principle to pay for a second test and drive 1.5hrs away.  This is for a volunteer position, so come on!

Second update:  I’m moving in August.  My sister and I will be moving in together in August in the house that she and I basically grew up in. 

Other than that, I’ve been running a lot of rescue lately and had some great calls…went for a cross-dressing paranoid schizeophrenic who was running around the apartment complex in drag.  While that was weird and all, it was his apartment that was really odd.  Religious paraphenalia all over the place, a giant swordfish over the couch and then childrens toys – like baby dolls and a stroller were in the corner.  All around odd!

Went for an 80+year old patient with altered mental status due to malnutrion brought on by dementia and while he was odd, it was the sex dice that were hanging out on top of the TV that threw me for a loop. 

And then I had a patient who overdosed on methadone.  Like all patients fixin’ to have an overdose, he was on the 3rd floor of a beach house that had really narrow stairs and cooridors.  (why do they do this?  What the hell is wrong with the first floor??)  The patient’s family had thrown ice water on him to get him to wake up but all that produced was me kneeling in ice cubes working his respiratory distress that was working on transforming into respiratory arrest.  The patient was partially nude – don’t know if he was on his way to get naked or getting dressed but either way, I wish that the family hadn’t wasted the water and the time going up and down the stairs but instead, zipped and buttoned him.  S’all I’m saying. 

For the record, when the patient came around (2mg Narcan IM), his first question was ‘do my girlfriends parents know?’.  My answer – well, no, if they ignored the 4 cop cars, fire engine, ambulance, zone car, field supervisor….and the hysterical girlfriend who could really use a better choice in boyfriends……