Participating as a patient

10 Feb

I had a bicycle accident....I swear!

Last night I was a patient for the State EMT test. What I love most about being a patient is that they really go all out and do the make-up to better assist the future EMTs (thinking positively) about what they really see as injuries.

For my scenario, I was a patient that had been thrown from my bike and hit my head on a bunch of rocks – found unconscious and unresponsive, lying prone.

While most of the test-takers got the scenario and did everything right, I was concerned by the ones that did any of the following a) refused to turn me over, b) refused to take c-spine, c) refused to manage the airway, d) refused to treat for shock, e) refused to listen to lung sounds,  f) ignored this huge hematoma all around the right orbit, g) refused to check for PERL or h) any magical combination of the above.

C’mon peeps – this is your EMT-Basic certification. I know you’ve had scenarios like this. Step up, calm down and do what you know. Also, please touch the patient. Assessment without palpation is NOT a physical assessment.


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