Mind over Matter

18 Feb

The theory goes that if you believe something hard enough, you can make it happen. 

So I’m giving it a shot.  I firmly believe that I will not get sick.  That my throat will feel better tomorrow, my headache will disappear and the general malaise and exhaustion will be cured with one good night’s rest. 

I will repeat this over and over like a mantra and will see how it goes.

In the mean time, will someone pass me the tissues?  I have a feeling that I will be challenging my patients this weekend with a ‘are you as sick as I am?’ if so, I’m at work, so you can drive yourself.  If you aren’t, you realize you will be stuck in the back of an ambulance with me and soon you WILL be as sick as me?  Figure I might get a couple extra patient refusals 😉


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