One big, fat step past annoyed

11 Mar

I moved into my house in August 2009.  Honestly, I love the house.  I love its quirks, idiosyncrasies and it’s character.  If I could pick the house up and move it, I would do that in a heartbeat.

Since December, I have had 4 separate incidents occur at my house that make me feel uneasy-to-freaked-out to stay there.

Incident #1:  Guy shows up at my door at around 10pm.  He’s looking for money and knows that I’m ‘that white girl that runs with those two dogs’.

Incident #2:  Come home and find a rather big guy standing outside my house staring at it.  I was in my car and I flash my high beams at him to get him to move.  He gets pissed and we get into a yelling match.

Incident #3:  Had my family and boyfriend over for dinner and the same guy from Incident #2 is drunk and walking amongst the cars parked on my driveway.  He’s looking in the windows and whatnot.  My boyfriend goes outside and gets him to leave.

Incident #4:  Last night – my boyfriend and I are hanging out, watching TV when we hear a loud noise.  Boyfriend goes outside and discovers that my garage had been broken into.  Thankfully nothing had been taken but we were HOME when this occurred.  Some dude just brazenly opened up my fence (as my garage is located behind my fence) and broke in.  I think nothing was taken because there was nothing of significant value in the garage.   I think it’s the audacity more than anything else that really bothers me.  If that person is willing to do that, what more are they willing to do?

I am out of my house for long periods of time on a regular basis – whether it is for work or rescue.  I already have an alarm system in my house that I arm every time I leave the house.  I already do not feel comfortable running in my neighborhood…and I won’t run at dusk or at dark.  So if I don’t get home when it’s still light out, I won’t run outside.

My lease is up at the end of July and I can’t wait to move.  Just so I can feel safe in my own house.


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