I had an amazing weekend

15 Mar

I had an amazing weekend.  Friday night my brother, boyfriend  and I all went to the local AAA hockey game. We got great seats and just had a blast.

Saturday my sister, mother, brother and boyfriend conspired to make me get some rest.  My boyfriend and I went to go run some errands that he needed to take care of mid-morning on Saturday and stopped and got lunch while we were out. So we were out from say 10:20-12:30. We had to be back to my house by 12:30 because my boyfriend had to go run a couple more errands and I was just exhausted.   

So I walk into the house and I notice that it’s really quiet. Very unusual. I look over at the dog’s crates and notice that the black comforter that I usually keep over the top of their crates is moved. There’s a note on top. Basically it’s a note from Jersey and Stanley saying that they know that I’ve been really worn out lately and that they are going to go play with friends and will be back on Sunday. My sister, mother and boyfriend all conspired to get me out of the house, take my dogs, take them to daycamp, board them overnight and exhausting them on Sunday.

It was such an incredible gift – the gift of time and sleep. And that’s pretty much all I did on Saturday – well, the weather was warm enough that my boyfriend  took the doors off of his Jeep and pulled the top 1/2 way back so we went driving around for a while when the sun was out. It was awesome.

 Sunday I spent on the ambulance and we had a pretty cake day then too. Only 1 call in 12 hours but I got the time to clean out my car and do the windows….something I’d been intending on doing for almost a year now….no time like the present, huh?


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