What is said v. What is Heard

24 Mar

I’ll admit straight up that I have a problem.  Seems like in some conversations – both personal and professional – I hear one thing when something else entirely is said. 

Why is that? 

For example – my girlfriend here at work made a comment yesterday that she knows I’m in a relationship because my midsection had gotten a little thicker. 

And that really – truly – made me neurotic.  To tell you the truth, with this recent bout of ick (see the below post), I haven’t been eating much and I know that I’ve lost some weight. And I know that I  wasn’t big to begin with.

When I got home last night I took a good long look in the mirror and came to the conclusion that I look the same now as ever. 

So I ran into my girlfriend at work today and told her that I had a bone to pick with her.  And I explained that her comment had me going neurotic yesterday and that today I’m wearing a size 6 skirt and it has room!  She said that all she said was that she can tell I am in a relationship.  And she also commented that I was neurotic before she said anything and before I met her here.  While the last part is true – I was / am / will be (however you wish you structure the sentence) – it aggravated the ever-living out of me that I heard her comment one way (and yes, she did say the part about my midsection) and it sent me into hyper-analyzing mode. 

So how do we go about hearing things the way that they are meant?  It would save me a great deal of time and hurt feelings / misperceptions.


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