Crashing a Wedding

25 May

My partner and I crashed a wedding on Saturday night.  We got a call for an ‘unconscious’ at a banquet hall.  Luckily for us we were on our way to get food and were one stoplight away from it. 

So we roll up (dispatch, enroute and onscene in less than 2mins!), and my partner and I go around to the back of the ambulance to pull the stretcher and jump bag out.  That’s when one of the women who works there comes rushing out saying something about ‘pronouncing’.  Both my partner and I skipped over the part where we were responding to a wedding and were freaked out that the guy was dead and that there was no way we were declaring someone dead at a banquet hall.

So we go in and sure enough, the minister had passed out but was now seated in a trandelenberg position and was finishing up the wedding ceremony.  My partner tripped on the aisle runner and fell, landing on his knees at the minister’s side.  I was trying to navigate around the back of the bride’s dress and the wedding photographer was snapping pictures the entire time. 

As it turns out, the minister just overheated in his robes and passed out – I’m willing to bet that based on his age (80+) that he’d locked his knees.  That’s almost a surefire way to guarantee that you’re gonna pass out.

We got him out on the stretcher and in some cool air he perked right back up.  Vitals came back normal, he decided he didn’t want to go to the ER.  We left him in the care of his wife who looked like she wasn’t gonna let him do much of anything.

I wonder if we’ll ever see any of the pictures from the wedding – cause I know my partner and I are definitely in a few of them!


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