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So how drunk was he?

3 Jun

16yo male found unconscious, unresponsive smelling of alcohol.  Patient had been found on the front yard of non-family/non-friend individuals as they returned home from a night out.  Patient had vomited several times and possibly (probably) aspirated his own vomit (meaning breathed into his lungs his vomit).  Homeowners dragged the 16yo inside where he continued to vomit.  Upon arrival of EMS, patient was lying on his left side, vomit seeping from his mouth.  Continued to be unresponsive to voice and to pain.  Noted dried blood in patient’s nostrils.

 Patient blood oxygen level of 97% (not bad), respirations of 10 (really BAD), pulse of 50 and dropping (really really BAD).  Unknown quantity of alcohol onboard.  Unknown how long the patient had been outside.  Unknown how long patient had been unconscious. Unknown patient allergies.  Unknown if patient only had alcohol in his system or if he had any other medications (legal or otherwise).

Got the patient to the stretcher and into the ambulance.  Secured the patient’s airways.  Patient began to dry-heave.  Suctioned copious amounts of oral secretions and vomit from his mouth. Put a 16 gauge needle in his arm.  Patient didn’t flinch.  Started running IV fluids at the ‘wide-open’ rate to put fluid back in his system.

Patient began to go into shock.  Started re-warming procedures.  Pediatric patients (which is what this 16yo is until they’re about 18) don’t go into shock until their system is about ready to shut down.

Transported patient at code 1 (lights and sirens) to closest hospital where they admitted him directly from ER to ICU.

 If the homeowners hadn’t found him when they did, the 16yo would be dead right now.

 The curious thing about all of this was that the patients sneakers were tied together.  I guess his friends thought it’d be funny to get him drunk and then have him fall over numerous times.