King of the Hill…err, Mama

28 Jul

Jersey and Stanley play this game where one of them teases the other by chewing on the desired object of choice – a bone, kong, blanket – whatever.  And the other one finds the high ground to watch / stalk until the exact moment that whoever has the object stops paying strict attention.

Then the one on the high ground leaps / flies through the air and a fight breaks out.  It’s more like a high school level girl fight with a lot of noise but nothing in terms of injuries.  Whomever the victor is after the squabble takes the object and lays down to chew it, in full view of the losing party. 

Later, rinse and repeat – for over an hour.

This is highly entertaining until I realize that if I’m laying on the couch – I am the high ground.  So Jersey and Stanley each take leaps off of me onto each other leaving me with awkward scratches and bruises. 

Of the two of them, Stanley is usually the first to tire of the King of the Mama / Neener-Neener game. 

And then you get this: 

It’s a rough life, being a Stanley dog.


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