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It’s going to get pretty interesting around here

31 Aug

i live on the atlantic coast.  I regularly go to the beach and get super excited about hurricanes because they kick up the surf.

But I tell you – Hurricane Earl – this currently Category 4 Hurricane – has got me more than a little intrigued. 

Current projections have Earl coming to skirt the Outer Banks of North Carolina / Virginia during the overnight hours Thursday night and into Friday.


Hurricane Earl

The last storm that we had was Isabelle in 2003.  I was living in DC and other than a lot of debris, I didn’t really pay too much mind.  Hell, I went surfing the next day when I drove down to Virginia Beach. 

However, there’s a big difference between a barely there Category 1 and a strong Cat 3.  For the record, Hurricane Katrina was a strong Category 3 when it came ashore.  Granted, where I live doesn’t have levees and sits a little above sea-level but still…

Even if we get a glancing blow from Hurricane Earl, I worry about the winds, not the rain.  The water table isn’t very deep here so there are a number of big trees whose roots don’t go all that deep but rather go out from the tree instead of down from the tree.

I need to go and remember to charge my camera batteries…I don’t want to miss this.


Odd Friday…

27 Aug

I saw a Stormtrooper on my way to work today:

Stormtrooper on a Motorcycle?

For those slightly less familiar – this is a Stormtrooper:

The Star Wars Stormtrooper

This guy was flying – figuratively, not literally – through traffic.  I know I have provided a grainy photograph but you should have seen him up close.  Dude – the motorcycle guy might not have been dressed in official Stormtrooper gear but when he passed me (which should tell you everything you need to know about how fast he was going), my instantaneous thought was ‘Was that a Stormtrooper?”. 

Weird, huh?

The other thing that happened today was that I started Physical Therapy (PT) on my right shoulder.  Official proclamation from my PT was that my ‘shoulder sucks’, the humoral head has sublaxated into the brachial plexus (or something like that) and the lift that I did on Saturday of the big woman in afib basically screwed over an already screwed up shoulder.

Holly – my PT – told me that my shoulder joint is too loose, doesn’t have any stability and then made me cry.  The simple isometric exercises were awful.  The electroshockstimulation therapy hurt like  a mother.  It was probably some of the worst ways to spend 1.5hrs.  That being said, I have exercises to do over the weekend and I’ll be back to see Holly on Monday, Doctor on Thursday and Holly again on Friday. 

Until then, I keep pounding my 800mg of Motrin and wondering if perhaps I shouldn’t have had my shoulder looked at before.

Jersey and Stanley

24 Aug

Pictures of my pups…I’ll explain in a  later post but right now…just the dogs 🙂

Jersey being a spazz

Jersey and Stanley - the first night Stanley came to live with us

Stanley and his long legs

The 3 of us

Happy Girl

My boy

Jersey - the day she opened her eyes

Need new songs to run / drive to

17 Aug

I’m on a quest to find new songs to burn to a CD (no, I do not have an ipod hookup in my car…nor do I have an ipod) for when I’m driving to work.  The reason behind this is simple:  I now have a much longer commute from my house to work every day.

I used to have a measly little 9-mile (15 minutes on a bad day) commute.  So traffic and music to take your mind off said traffic wasn’t something that really crossed my mind. 

Today – reality set in. 



Since this stretch of road was obviously designed by Picasso when he was tripping on acid, it’s where the HOV / Main lanes / on ramp from a feeder street all come together.  It’s a prime area for accidents because people are always trying to go right or go left and this time – a 4 car accident with 2 cars that were clearly totaled. 

For the record – the entire time that I was sitting there (cops / fire weren’t on scene yet and everyone had self-extracted from their respective cars) the traffic reporters were talking about how ‘State Police report the interstates free of incidents’ and there wasn’t anything on the radio to jam along to. 

So I need new music – driving / sitting in traffic songs…bonus points available if they are good to run to!

Words mean things.

13 Aug

This is a favorite phrase of mine.  ‘Words mean things. Use the right word, at the right time, for the right reason.’

We’ve been having some word drama here at work: 

Earlier this week, I took down a sign in the women’s restroom that said ‘Please remove personal idems from shower area after you’re done’. I figured someone had made a mistake and they’d print a new one.

They did.

It said, ‘please remove personal idems from the shower area after you’re done. v/r, Staff Admin’.

So I took down the sign, circled ‘idems’ and said “I’ll remove my personal items when you use spell check’. And posted it back up.

Today, a new sign appeared. Complete with clip art.

‘Please remove personnel items from the shower area after you’re done’. And picture of a shower. Or a sun rising after a rain storm. Clip Art is kinda abstract like that. So I circled personnel and wrote ‘the word you’re looking for here is personal’. And posted it back up.

The Mud Run Pictures

11 Aug

I finished the run – it was hot, sweaty, nasty and sweaty.  AND AWESOME.  Did I mention how AWESOME the run was?  Especially the mud pit at the end.

Why yes, that IS beer in my hand

The organizers of the race had ensured that the last obstacle to run through would be absolutely as muddy as possible.  What you see is an excellent combination of mud, silt, sand and probably some clay (well, you gotta have something to bind it all together!). 

After this pic, I jumped in the Bay to clean off

My running shoes are destroyed.  Wrecked and unsalvageable.  But since they were a year old, had no cushioning left and had more than the recommended number of miles on them, I didn’t feel but so bad in wearing them on the race.  I am now, however, hunting for new running shoes 🙂

My car has an injury :*(

6 Aug

I was on my way to work today after stopping at Starbucks for the obligatory “it’s friday so that means Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte for Terri and a Grande Hot Chocolate for Chief’ start to the day.  We’ve been doing this every friday for several months now.  Since I get her hot chocolate, she gets my breakfast at a random point during the week.  Good stuff for everyone. 

Except this morning.  When I got into an accident.  I’m fine (well, my back is starting to really ache but I don’t know if it’s because of my accident or because I didn’t sleep well…again…last night). 

I was driving on one of the interstates that lead to work when all of a sudden everyone slams on their brakes – this is common where I live.  Any reason for the slamming on the breaks is acceptable – gush of wind, squirrel, rainbow, threat of thunderstorms – but slamming on the breaks is necessary. 

So I slammed on mine to avoid hitting the car in front of me.  I didn’t hit them but the woman behind me hit me. 

So I’m dealing the fun that is the insurance companies – and who pays what when and for how much.  I’m thankful that the woman that hit me HAS insurance and she stopped and that I wasn’t cited for anything.  I have the proof that the State Trooper cited her for following too closely.

I’ve notified family, friends, employers, insurance companies and EMS.  I have documentation of conversations and claim numbers, claim representatives and email exchanges.  I’m armed and ready to make the insurance company pay for my car boo-boo repair.

It's a boo-boo...and look, you can kinda see me in the background!


But my back is really sore…and I don’t want to go to the doctor to tell me to take some Motrin and do some stretches. 

Ah – the infamous stubborn streak – it shows it’s ugly face once again!