Living with 3 dogs

4 Aug

My sister and I have moved into a house together.  She brings with her 1 7mo old chocolate lab and I bring a 3.5year old and almost 4 year old weimaraners. 

Since I get up first every morning at 0515 (my sister swears that that hour should be outlawed…I tend to agree), I take all 3 dogs outside and then they come back to my room as I shower and again after I feed all of them.

So after they wrestle/play/establish the morning’s pecking order – this is what it looks like in my room:

Jersey, Stanley and the blur...aka Harley


My two dogs are used to this routine…Harley, however, is new to this and see’s life as one huge opportunity to play.  I did watch Jersey bitch-slap Harley because Harley was intruding on Jersey’s beauty sleep…


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