The Mud Run Pictures

11 Aug

I finished the run – it was hot, sweaty, nasty and sweaty.  AND AWESOME.  Did I mention how AWESOME the run was?  Especially the mud pit at the end.

Why yes, that IS beer in my hand

The organizers of the race had ensured that the last obstacle to run through would be absolutely as muddy as possible.  What you see is an excellent combination of mud, silt, sand and probably some clay (well, you gotta have something to bind it all together!). 

After this pic, I jumped in the Bay to clean off

My running shoes are destroyed.  Wrecked and unsalvageable.  But since they were a year old, had no cushioning left and had more than the recommended number of miles on them, I didn’t feel but so bad in wearing them on the race.  I am now, however, hunting for new running shoes 🙂


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