Odd Friday…

27 Aug

I saw a Stormtrooper on my way to work today:

Stormtrooper on a Motorcycle?

For those slightly less familiar – this is a Stormtrooper:

The Star Wars Stormtrooper

This guy was flying – figuratively, not literally – through traffic.  I know I have provided a grainy photograph but you should have seen him up close.  Dude – the motorcycle guy might not have been dressed in official Stormtrooper gear but when he passed me (which should tell you everything you need to know about how fast he was going), my instantaneous thought was ‘Was that a Stormtrooper?”. 

Weird, huh?

The other thing that happened today was that I started Physical Therapy (PT) on my right shoulder.  Official proclamation from my PT was that my ‘shoulder sucks’, the humoral head has sublaxated into the brachial plexus (or something like that) and the lift that I did on Saturday of the big woman in afib basically screwed over an already screwed up shoulder.

Holly – my PT – told me that my shoulder joint is too loose, doesn’t have any stability and then made me cry.  The simple isometric exercises were awful.  The electroshockstimulation therapy hurt like  a mother.  It was probably some of the worst ways to spend 1.5hrs.  That being said, I have exercises to do over the weekend and I’ll be back to see Holly on Monday, Doctor on Thursday and Holly again on Friday. 

Until then, I keep pounding my 800mg of Motrin and wondering if perhaps I shouldn’t have had my shoulder looked at before.


One Response to “Odd Friday…”

  1. katie August 27, 2010 at 2:09 pm #

    le sigh. i think we all discover the same things when we go into PT. my PT said “shoulders heal quickly” – whatever that means – so i’ll cross your fingers that yours does. i’m 2 weeks in of all the painful stuff and mine is MUCH better.

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