It’s going to get pretty interesting around here

31 Aug

i live on the atlantic coast.  I regularly go to the beach and get super excited about hurricanes because they kick up the surf.

But I tell you – Hurricane Earl – this currently Category 4 Hurricane – has got me more than a little intrigued. 

Current projections have Earl coming to skirt the Outer Banks of North Carolina / Virginia during the overnight hours Thursday night and into Friday.


Hurricane Earl

The last storm that we had was Isabelle in 2003.  I was living in DC and other than a lot of debris, I didn’t really pay too much mind.  Hell, I went surfing the next day when I drove down to Virginia Beach. 

However, there’s a big difference between a barely there Category 1 and a strong Cat 3.  For the record, Hurricane Katrina was a strong Category 3 when it came ashore.  Granted, where I live doesn’t have levees and sits a little above sea-level but still…

Even if we get a glancing blow from Hurricane Earl, I worry about the winds, not the rain.  The water table isn’t very deep here so there are a number of big trees whose roots don’t go all that deep but rather go out from the tree instead of down from the tree.

I need to go and remember to charge my camera batteries…I don’t want to miss this.


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