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Living with 3 dogs

4 Aug

My sister and I have moved into a house together.  She brings with her 1 7mo old chocolate lab and I bring a 3.5year old and almost 4 year old weimaraners. 

Since I get up first every morning at 0515 (my sister swears that that hour should be outlawed…I tend to agree), I take all 3 dogs outside and then they come back to my room as I shower and again after I feed all of them.

So after they wrestle/play/establish the morning’s pecking order – this is what it looks like in my room:

Jersey, Stanley and the blur...aka Harley


My two dogs are used to this routine…Harley, however, is new to this and see’s life as one huge opportunity to play.  I did watch Jersey bitch-slap Harley because Harley was intruding on Jersey’s beauty sleep…


Tropical Storm Colin is going to break my heart

3 Aug

Tropical Storm Colin


Ok – I’m one of those crazy fools who loves hurricanes, tropical storms, tropical depressions and I can even get worked up about a good nor’easter – provided that I can go down and see the surf. 

Tropical Storm Colin is going to be a  beautiful storm – but it’s gonna veer away from the Atlantic Coast and go back out to sea…missing Bermuda too.  It might get strong enough and far enough forward to cause some rip tides and some stronger surf but probably not enough to get me really and truly jazzed.  I keep hoping, saying my prayers to the god of hurricanes and repeating to myself that late August and September are the busiest time of year for hurricanes and that I shouldn’t lose hope just yet.

But if Colin got just a little further north……

It’s getting better and better

2 Aug

It's getting better and better!!

Ok – you see that red circle?  That is quite possibly making my summer.  90% chance of forming into a tropical depression with current computer projections have it coming up the eastern seaboard.  This means surf.  Yeah – rip tides, dangerous currents and erosion yada yada yada, but more / most importantly – 

You know that it also means that my happy ass is going to be on a board (not like that – dirty!) out in the ocean having a great time.

So please keep your fingers crossed, do a hurricane dance – whatever you gotta do and LET’S GO SURFING!