Looking 30 Days ahead

1 Sep

The next month is super busy.  This weekend is Labor Day weekend and has Hurricane Earl threatening to make a guest appearance.

Next weekend is my sister’s bridal shower.

The weekend after that, I’m trying to go visit friends for a weekend.

The weekend after that is PENN STATE FOOTBALL!

And the weekend after that – my little, baby, can’t-believe-it’s-really-happening – sister is getting married.


And in this compressed stress, I have made the committment to spend each day this month devoted to doing something physical – even if it’s just sit-ups and modified push ups.  The goal is to run more days per week than not.  I got on the scale the other day and I saw a number I really didn’t like.  Combined with how I’m not completely satisfied with the way I look in the mirror = renewed committment to doing something active every day. 

So, running, biking, sit-ups, weight lifting, something – has to be on the ‘to do list’ every day.  It’s just a month.


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