Three Things Thursday

9 Sep

In no order what so ever:

1) I was the worst speller in elementary school.  I hated it, I hated how some kids could just spell words and win the spelling bee’s where I would get my butt kicked by the word ‘with’.  Yes – in 4th grade I regularly spelled it with an ‘e’ at the end  – ‘withe’.  In my (meager) defense, we were studying Colonial History at the time and every document we were looking it had with-with-an-e. 

2) I have been complaining for weeks that I need to get an air pump for my tires of my bike.  For weeks I have been belly aching and excuse creating.  Until Tuesday night when my sister, her fiance’ and I all went out for dairy queen (yum mini blizzard!). He was messing around with all the junk in my back seat and found the air pump that plugs into the cigarette lighter.  It had been back there for months.  Now all I have to do is actually pump up my tires and I’ll add some bicycling to the mix 🙂

3) I’m panicking about my sister’s bridal shower this weekend.  I am always afraid that the food / drink / whatever won’t be good enough or folks won’t like it.  But then again – that’s what I do – I worry and worry and then all the food will be gone and I’ll worry that folks didn’t get enough to eat.  Cause that’s what I do….


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