19 days? Say wha?

13 Sep

Oh holy shit.  My sister’s getting married in 19 days.  W.T.F?  In 19 days?  When the hell did that happen?

We had her bridal shower this weekend.  I – as Maid of Honor – was in charge (ACK! OCD with stress from Mom!) and I had 2 of the bridesmaid’s helping.


– Cake (pictures to come)

– Sun-dried tomato pasta salad

– Grilled Pineapple with Nutella drizzled on top

– Fruit kabob

– Veggie Plate

– Spinach Roll-ups

– Meatballs

– Chips with 2 dips – bean and spicy corn

– humus with bagel crips

– Grape Salad

(can you tell it’s almost lunch time and I’m starving??)

We had about 18 people come and celebrate Victoria’s upcoming wedding.  I think for the first time it really hit her that this is happening and people are celebrating.

Victoria and her fiance’ had to move up the date of the wedding – not because she’s pregnant – but because he’s deploying (for the 3rd time) and his grandfather (with who he is really close) is ill with cancer.  So I know my sister has been feeling really upset because a lot of the pre-wedding festivities, i.e. obsessing over different dresses, having a ton of time to do showers and luncheons, couldn’t happen.

And then my paternal grandmother declined the invitation to the wedding.

And Victoria’s godparents had already booked a trip overseas.  So they’re not coming.

So when it came time to throw a shower, I wanted it to be a great time for Victoria to really enjoy a party thrown in her honor.  We had decorations, games, food and fun.  And plenty of women who love Victoria and wanted to have a great time celebrating her.

I can’t wait to post pictures.


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