My sister got married this weekend! (with wedding drama…of course!)

4 Oct

My sister is married!!  She had a beautiful wedding and was much calmer than I would have been seeing as her photographer showed up 1.5hrs late and one of the groomsmen was asked to leave by the groom’s mom. 

Here’s the story of that:

Wedding was good – some major drama regarding M…he was a groomsman at the wedding. He’d been really mean to my sister over the last month but had been called out by Andrew – Victoria’s now-husband.  Andrew had told M that if he couldn’t be happy for Andrew, that he could back out of being in the wedding – no hard feelings. M had said that nah – he was sorry and that he’d fix his attitude.

          Fast forward to the rehearsal – where he showed up, grumpy, with his skanky girlfriend (seriously – who wears hooker boots to a rehearsal??) and was just in a pissy mood throughout the 30 minute rehearsal.  At the rehearsal dinner, he showed up late and on his motorcycle (he’d been told to drive his truck because the roads out to where the rehearsal dinner was were flooded out from all the rain.  When he showed up he rev’d his engine and did one of those burnouts because – as I later found out – he wanted to let the groom know that he was “always going to be biked trash, just like him”. He proceeded to get trashed and got on his motorcycle – with his girlfriend – and when they left, they hit a taxicab.

            At the wedding itself, he showed up – surprisingly – and wouldn’t smile or act happy for any pictures.  Finally the groom’s mother – at the reception – told him that if he couldn’t be happy for her son, that he needed to leave and wasn’t welcome there.  He changed into street clothes, put his tux in the tux bag and left.  For the record – his girlfriend wore what would be generously described as a ‘dress’ – looked like a shirt – without anything on underneath and stripper shoes. Victoria asked the photographer to crop him out of any picture and for those pictures that couldn’t be cropped, that they take new ones without him in the pictures.

       So according to my sister – M is ‘dead’ to her and she never wants to hear from him again.  I think she’s entirely justified.

Throughout all of this – Victoria looked like she was having a great time…here are some pictures to prove it:

Victoria and Dad


Saying Vows

First Dance as Husband and Wife


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