And I’m over it.

26 Oct

I am over the lying and the bullshit and the making me feel like I’m the evil / not understanding / deceiving one. 

I ran into my exboyfriend on Friday night. 

I received 30 emails from the last guy that I was seeing.  The last one (three on the same day) culminated into a crescendo of how much he’d lied to me in the 3 weeks that we were hanging out.  Seriously?  And he’d had the balls to tell me that I was the one who kept things from him. 

W.T.F – over?

Yes, I have standards.  Yes, I have expectations.  But they are not monumentally difficult.  don’t lie to me.  don’t deceive me. But these are the same things that I have with my friends.  It’s a RESPECT thing.

So if you’re a ball-less, lying, whining, manipulative bastard?  Get the f–k out of my life.


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