Random Things Friday

5 Nov
  • I totally fell yesterday at Wal-Mart.  I needed dog food and cold cappuccino mixes – only sold at Wal-Mart.  As I walked in, I was totally judging the Christmas stuff…my exact thought was ‘damn, when did Christmas throw up in Wal-Mart’ and then *bam* karma kicked my ass.  I fell, banging up my shins/knees – specifically the top of my tib/fib on both left and right leg – the bony part that sticks out of your shin, right below your knee.
  • My favorite part of every day is snuggling up with Jersey and Stanley.  Stanley has taken to sleeping with his head on the small of my back and now I can’t fall asleep unless he’s there.
  • Trader Joe’s Tofu and their Thai Red Curry sauce is better than everyone elses.  Hands down.  The tofu I got in the organic section of my local grocer tasted too odd-rubbery-organic-y.  Just not as good as TJ’s. 
  • I’m going to dinner tonight and obsessing about what to wear.  It’s not a date but it’s a nice bistro place.  And I have only run once this week so I’m feeling all sorts of floppy all over the place.
  • I want a new job.  In emergency medicine – not a desk job.  Doesn’t have to be in an ambulance – but I want a job with plenty of ‘excitement’ or at least not very monotonous.  I’m willing to go back to school – just don’t want to spend the remainder of my life in school
  • I turn 30 in less than 2 weeks.  I’m not nearly as nervous about it as I was for 29.  But I don’t even want to contemplate 31. 

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