Crankapotamous? – your table is ready

9 Nov

So all I wanted to do yesterday was go for a run. It was going to be my first run in the dark – thank you Day Light Savings.   Guess what I didn’t do -yeah, that’s right – go for a run.

My sister and her husband weren’t home when I got home  so I didn’t want to put her dog back in her crate – so I ended up taking all 3 dogs for a walk and then doing some weights – thank you to Ms. K for the AWESOME lifting spreadsheet. 

The problem is – I wanted that run.  And I didn’t get the run.  I even had my day-glo green running jacket – including harnesses for the dogs – ready to go.

And yet, no run.  So of course, I get my panties in a wad. 

Mama, why are you so cranky?

Why is it that couldn’t be happy with the weight lifting / squats / crunches?  And it wasn’t until that I went and had a drink with  my best guy friend, that I couldn’t get out of my funk?

But it wasn’t until I crawled into bed, Jersey under the covers at the foot of the bed and Stanley curled up next to me, that I finally relaxed and realized that all is ok with the world if I didn’t get a run in. 

Mama, hush. It's sleeping time.

And that’s when my mood lifted and I realized – this is happiness.


One Response to “Crankapotamous? – your table is ready”

  1. katie November 10, 2010 at 11:55 am #

    hurrah! glad you liked the lifting! and you have some cute cuddlebugs there. they are happiness 🙂

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