Ok – so…what does THAT mean?

21 Nov

My grandmother – my maternal grandmother – my Nana – has apparently had a series of TIA’s (Transient Ischiemic Attacks).  My mom told my sister and I at dinner on Thursday to celebrate my birthday.

Yesterday (Saturday) she had a stroke.

Thankfully she was with my uncle when the stroke occurred – and they went straight to the ER.  So she’s at the hospital, had an MRI and currently they think that there’s an abnormality between her heart and her brain – basically that there is some sort of block that is preventing a regular supply of blood to the brain and that’s what caused all the TIA’s and what caused the stroke.

According to my mom – by which I’m getting all of the information – she’s on a ton of baby aspirin and they are watching her.  Tomorrow means an ultrasound of her arteries and an ECG – trying to figure it out.

My nana – she’s 87 and still living in the house that my grandfather built for her – with his own hands.  She is an amazing woman and I’m not ready for anything to happen to her.

So if you read this, could you please say a prayer to whichever deity you believe in, whether it’s God, Allah, Zeus or Yahweh.  She’s a really wonderful woman and she’d appreciate your prayers.

Thank you.


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