After Action Report – Surf-N-Santa 10M

9 Dec

So last Saturday I got up in the freezing cold (30 feels like 20) to go run 10 Miles.

Good idea, right?  Yup, back in July when I signed up for the race. Day of?  Well, a psych exam should have been ordered.  Don’t get me wrong – J&A racing regularly puts on a phenomenal race.  From notifications to packet pick up to day-of parking/volunteers/post-race party – they really know what they’re doing.  I, however, did not. 

This wasn’t my first 10 Mile race.  As a matter of fact, I’ve run numerous 10 milers, half marathon and was once crazy enough to do the full marathon (and yes, I’m still planning on doing another…)

So here’s how the race went down, as captured by photography team:

Ok - this isn't so bad...

This was probably taken on the first half of the run.  I’m thinking  ‘ok – we’re in this for the long haul, so get comfortable, find a pace and we’ll make it through’.

Ok, fun meter is getting pegged

I’m thinking about how it’s really cold here, my chapstick is frozen, my entire right side is annoyed by me running and that I want my beer.  There was a lot of whining going on right about now.

Where the hell is the beer?

Now I’m completely owned by the race – it wore me out, gave me runners kidney (TMI, but hey – we’re runners, we run off the course to pee in the woods so deal with it) and made me really proud that I finished.  But the finish line lead-up was mean – 3 fake-outs.  At three different points close to the end, where the mile 9 sign is nothing but a distant memory – I thought I was done.  As it turns out, each time it was a cruel joke to be told to ‘keep running, you’re almost there’ and to take a right. 

As it turns out the finish line was behind the Convention Center where you actually finish INSIDE the Convention Center.  Pretty cool in theory and if I’d had any ounce of energy left, I would have really appreciated it.  As it was, my energy stores were pretty well depleted around mile 7. 

I ran into my regular rescue partner at mile 8 and flat-out told him that I was struggling.  I knew I’d finish but I also knew that it wasn’t going to be anything close to a PR. 

So when I run this race again, I’ll remember to hydrate better before the race, to avoid dairy and to eat something before hand – even if that means getting up super early to start that process.


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